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economy days away from what many experts are predicting will be a and president financial meltdown. the country's top bankers in an emergency meeting. >> these events in washington have gone much further than anyone expected. >> and washington everyone is saying do not blame me. >> they're playing chicken with the economy. >> tonight, how the crisis developed in which could mean to you and your family of the government defaults on their loans. [music] >> the clock keeps ticking
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we are about three days away from the deadline to raise the debt limit. it was a day of theatrics on capitol hill, republicans passed a bill, only to have been killed by the democrat- controlled senate. this sets of the long week of negotiations and hopefully compromise. >> after republicans postponed the vote on speaker boehner bill, democrats push pressure on friday. the speaker spoke up and spoke out. >> i stuck my neck out 1 mi. to try and get the agreement with the president of the united states, this house and has acted. it is time for the administration in time for our colleagues across the aisle to put something on the table! tell us what you are. pat >> republicans barely passed the they enter the
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bill, only to have it killed a short while later. >> it is time for us to come together and reach a compromise. >> but what if the u.s. does not and what if we default? what does that mean for people like you and me, and they said the biggest impact that we will feel will be rising interest rates, if you have an adjustable home alone, that rate will go up if you are paying off student loans, and those rates will get higher, and getting approval for a new loan will go from hard, to carter. if your 75% interest rate, it may go up to about 6%. experts say the market will get crushed, losing about 30 percent that is why some will say this will turn into a global economic crisis. but people think that things like social security and active military will still get paid even the u.s. the fox. >> --even if the u.s. goes
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into the fall. >> a lot of you may be asking yourself how did we get into this mess we show you who was responsible and with borrowed money comes from. >> when bill clinton left office in early 2001, the u.s. had a budget surplus, the national debt was actually going down it took two presidents of just 10 years to run up to the current record level of more than 14 trillion dollars. here is how, under president bush, the u.s. fought to expensive wars, made extensive additions to the medicare program spent hundreds of billions of dollars on the other discretionary programs and then there was the tarp program and the first stimulus program but the biggest was slashing taxes that raise the debt by almost two trillion dollars. the net total from the bush years, about five trillion dollars. in the past two and
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half years and has increased to another 1.4 trillion dollars about half of that due to the president's economic stimulus program. what is that money come from asian exporters, china, japan and taiwan are major creditors, so are brazil, russia and britain. oil exporters and caribbean banks also own a large part of the debt. the major chunk of that is held right here at home. trillions of dollars of savings bonds and treasury bonds are in the hands of banks, insurance companies mutual funds as well as a state treasury. and the number one is the federal reserve bank, they buy and sell treasury notes as a way of managing the economy. >> if you plan on driving on the bay bridge into san francisco this weekend, slowed down or you will be ticketed. that is the message from the chp you may
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remember it has been nearly two years since the driver of this truck lost control and went over the side of the is curved on the bay bridge. a number of precautions added afterwards now, the officers said they are increasing the patrol along the bridge again because of the speeding drivers. j.r. stone has details. >> walter hernandez is not the only one that has notice faster driver along the bay bridge. they say drivers are going an average of 10 mph over the limit. >> i am happily married and i want to go home to that i did not want to end up smashed against the wall in the road. >> they are adding patrols during nonpeak hours to remind drivers that it is 50 along the bridge and 40 along the curved. that is welcome news to hernandez. >> we do not need a race
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track. >> it is upsetting to others. >> i see them try to get more revenue out of the deal. >> friday afternoon i drove west bound to san francisco as 60 mi. per hour i was passed over and over again. >> i think that people should just sit there alarm clocks a little earlier and get to work on time. >> keep in mind, if you're caught speeding along this curve, or most part of the bay bridge, based beating ticket will cost between $150.300 dollars. reporting in san francisco i'm jericho with kron4 news. >> we talk with the officers about the bridge speeds, it does appear that drivers are going faster because they are getting accustomed to the kurds. >> it has been--they are
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getting accustomed to the s curve. >> people are getting a little more complacent and we want to be out there to remind them to focus back on the speed. >> temperatures this afternoon were not as warm as expected banks to some warmer sea breeze. a little relief for our inland valleys and to the jews mainly in the '80s, >> if you have plans to head out, to the jews are now in the south bay the particle in san francisco and open. --if you are headed out, for the afternoon, temperature and the south bay partly cloudy.
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>> we have high clouds streaming into the south bay some moisture and possible thunderstorms i will tell you about a coming up in little bit. >> kron4 knew that ap is just getting started still ahead, we are remembering a man dedicated his life for helping others. >> this was a senseless act, an act of a coward. >> we will have a live report. >> and oakland passenger filed a lawsuit it gets bored, he says he was severely beaten after an officer told him to turn the music down on his cellphone. >> of google is the into the travel business with this new hotel finder website i will tell you why it is the best option to help you find the lowest price and how can keep you safe and during your travels. >> i am charles clifford in
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santa clara this to the first day of training camp for the 49ers i will have details coming up on kron4 news at 8. >> take a lick of the garlic festival, these guys are making everything from calamari to shrimp scampi i will tell you about it coming up.
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>> when the officer jumped out of her car and started hitting me that is what i knew that this was not a normal acting officer. >> was set her off, what made her angry? >> she might have been just having a bad day with someone else, maybe another person and maybe she wanted to take it out on me. >> jason explains what happened the night that he was severely beaten by a bart officer he says that it all started when the officer told him to turn down the music on his cellphone. >> it look like a ringing tone. it was a song. >> was long was it? >> i really do not recall. >> and left him with cuts, bruises and abrasions all over his body was taken to jail for two days and receive a ticket. the severity of his injuries left him unable to work. >> after that i could not work, i did a lot of manufacturing and i had to work on my hands and my hands were bad and so they had to let me go. >> of bart says that they would not comment on
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anything until they are served with a lawsuit and that is expected to happen next week. >> a look at our extended forecast, changes for this week in slightly cooler temperatures and a chance of thunderstorms will bring dry lightning into the area i will have details coming up. ♪ [ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director.
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for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ >> there is belmont on the peninsula, there were two robberies on monday, one on notre dame ave right there,
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one there, and wednesday two days later, another couple and yesterday on thursday, three of them and to of the more on the same block right here. reggie kumar is live in belmont talking with people there who say that they are concerned about this recent trend. >> otake a look at this video, i spoke with several residence the street that you just mentioned, to homes or bird rising as today the first woman told me that she was almost robbed by two men that were protected utility workers last month, the second resident just moved into the neighborhood first we will hear from the woman that was almost robbed. >> i talked with him and i
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realize he was not really saying what he wanted. and then i came down and said no, i said no, and i guess he wanted to get into the house and when he saw was two of us i guess he change his mind. >> i was not aware of the burglaries recently in to you just told me. >> how concerning is it? >> very concerned out to make sure all the doors and windows are shut. >> police said they got away with jewelry and electronic equipment like laptops. they are asking residents to use common sense, lot windows and doors and said there alarm systems if they have one. >> of belmont police say they are looking for two suspects of interest. one of them is a white male, 25 to 30 years old with a thin build and short blond hair. someone overheard him saying that he went to someone in that area and said hey, do you have a dog for sale? if
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anyone asks that, that could be something to watch. a second suspect is 20, or 30 years old between that age. medium build casual dress, his associate with a gray bmw sedan, and he was seen in that area knocking on doors. >> some changes expected this week and not so much tomorrow but definitely as we head into sunday, tomorrow will be very similar and temperatures a little cooler in the afternoon, mid-80s for the inland valleys low to mid '70s for the bayshores, and low 60s to the coastline. as we head into sunday was the high clouds and a possibility of dry lightning with elevated thunderstorms, take a look at storm tracker we see some thunderstorm activity for the sierra, also crew nevada and south east california. this is result of some tropical moisture that is coming up and wrapping around an area of high pressure over the four corners. this could shift a
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little to the north through the weekend and if it does, the subtropical moisture could clip the south bay mountains most likely on sunday afternoon but possibly into monday as well. thunderstorms are based at 10,000 ft. and above, the rain has fallen along with to hit the ground it looks as though it will evaporate before it can do that and then we will be left with dry lightning in the mountains. and more coming up. >> our internet reporter kimberlee sakamoto has a look at an experimental search tool just launched by google. >> this is a one-stop shop to find a hotel. kimberlee helps you to find the best price on the web site and in a shorter amount of time. it has the usual functions, you can enter the location, specified price, rating, but the have also offered
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some features that include the ability to search via shape say they you want to stay in a specific neighborhood, you just adjust the shape, to show listings in that area. what if you are not local and you do not know the safe spot, hotel finder spot lights popular location so that you do not stay in a neighborhood full of crime. and when you do a search, one of the columns that pops up on the right-hand side is called compared to typical. it compares the hotels price on the dates that your request with the price that has been typical over the past year. we have 12 percent more, 12 percent less and even 24 percent more. if you like to check out this new hotel search page for yourself visit look for i was on the web section. >> coming up the first 49ers practice under their new coach and kron4 was there that story after the
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break. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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>> today is the first day of training camp for the san francisco 49ers this house from the changing during off-season including the hiring of a new head coach.
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>> you wish you'd come with a formula to try and bottle the enthusiasm and the energy that football players have a for the first day of training camp, there's nothing like it. >> first-year head coach jim harbaugh took to the field hoping to lead the 49ers to a better record than last year he brings with him several new assistant coaches and a brand new playbook but because of the off-season drama caused by the nfl labor associations the players were not able to see the plans until recently now they're learning as they go. >> the coach is doing a great job of teaching it to a san does have to take it day by day. >> we do not have a lot of time to get our hands on a grasp it, it is like learning on the run. >> the other big news absence of several key 49ers veterans, quarterback alex smith just signed a one-year free agent contract with the
8:25 pm
team today he was here, but nfl rules prevent him from practicing until august 2nd. also missing nfl running back franco gore, he is running out for a new contract. >> i like frank, he is a 49er and i hope they he will come back. >> despite the challenges the coach says that he is optimistic about the team's upcoming season. >> a lot to do, very little time to do it and we will keep forging ahead. i hope to find success better today than yesterday and better for tomorrow than today. >> there is a vigil in east oakland to remember paris powell, you can see the people standing right there waiting for the vigil to start, he was shot while helping the homeless we will have a live report coming up next. turn left.
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the thinnest full qwerty smartphone ever for $199.99, and get another one free.
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>> chp wants to slow down the bay bridge. not only with a view patrol cars on the bridge, but new sensors to help find those that go leased and mph--that go well least 10 m.p.h. over the speed limit. and this message that he will sue bart officers because they told him to turn out the music on his phone, he turned it down and claims that he was beaten anyway. he spent two days in jail and received a ticket but bourses they will not comment until they're served with a lawsuit. new details
8:30 pm
tonight in the murder investigation of the goods american parents powell no to many--paris powell known as brother john. now they're looking for the shooter who was seen driving a minivan. we talked with his widow, but first and community came together to remember a man that helped so many. >> a vigil was being held right now at the location where paris powell was shot. >> no kid starts at 8:30 p.m. you can see about 30, to 40 people are at this side, and more people are on their way to remember paris powell, better known as brother john. this is not too far away from san leandro street. witnesses say was right here when a black man of about 30 to 40
8:31 pm
years old drove up and shot brother john and his family while they were passing out food to a man that was in a once homeless. he had just got a job at this location and gotten out of homelessness. family, friends even strangers are here to pay tribute to the man that devoted his life to the seating and helping the homeless and domestic violence victims in east oakland. a lot people are outraged by this killing and the oakland police promised it will do everything that they can to track down the killer. >> for someone to injure and ultimately kill someone that out of the goodness of his heart was with his family doing things for people in the neighborhood just seem particulaparticularly heinous. >> i am the last person that he fed. >> how do you feel? >> i do not feel very good about it was a senseless killing. the man that killed
8:32 pm
him, will probably kill somebody else and they deny cash and soon enough. >> it is hard to remember any good that could come out of this the william holloway the last man to receive a meal from brother john's is reunited with his daughter today. he had not seen her and about 20 years, she saw him on the new is recognize his name and met up with him today. he says is that brother john took care of him even in death. let us go back to the memorial, the family is talking with the media, about 30 to 40 becloud your today it. they want to remember brother john--there were about 30 to 40 people out here today, they want to remember her brother john and pay their respects to a good man. >> our team coverage continues, today brother john little sense that she is pleading for those responsible to come forward. in >> this is his shirt, that is all i have left is his favorite shirt. it
8:33 pm
>> of lolitta powell to tightly grasped her husband's favorite shirt and some how she says that she wants to know who killed him. >> anyone, if you know anything please come forward. >> oakland police say that brother john was recently killed by an unknown gunman while the family including their two small children were passing out free fish dinners to the homeless on 47 avenue. the roadside memorial march the location of with a drive-by shooting occurred. his wife is pleading with the person responsible to come forward so that her family to move on. and >> the person that did this please, please come forward so that our family caressed. so that we can honor my husband's memory for the true man of god that he was and the kind and compassionate person that he was. >> crime stoppers is
8:34 pm
offering a reward of $25,000 air. friends and family paid their respects to honor a fall and deputy. he was gunned down what off-duty helping a family friend deal with a domestic dispute in petaluma. today, love one said that he was always quick to lend a hand and make others laugh among those at the service, many law-enforcement officials who attended the service will really did not know him. as teresa estacio reports they say that it is their duty to be there for a fallen officer.
8:35 pm
>> first off, he was a good officer and not only does he emulate what we want it have happened to us. and >> of many say was something track it happens to those where a bad effects everyone else in the profession. >> fear could be your worst enemy, it is how you handle it. that is what keeps you alive but that does not slow us down. we are out here to live like to the full list. i know this sounds cliche, but that is have him live his life. we all strive to be the kind of man, or one and that jim was as a person and as a i'm debbie lee sent--we all strive to be the kind of man and woman
8:36 pm
that jim was as a person and as a deputy sheriff. and >> now they say the suspect killed at this woman answer her body on fire in the park with the attorney says that it was an accident that happened during a sexual encounter between the two men. remains in jail. >> and bay area driver accused of murder pleads not guilty this event very we ars deliberately drove the wrong way on highway one, he collided head on with an oncoming car killing a woman and at the suspect's attorney says he has a long history of mental illness he is convicted he will face up to life in prison. now this was the scene near 29th avenue when a suspect car was towed away. the chase started near 73rd avenue and then went on to interstate 880. the driver is wanted with assault with a deadly
8:37 pm
weapon and the passenger also tried to flee. >> caa live look outside, as we head into tomorrow morning and another round of fog for the bayshores. a few high clouds streaming into the south bay as and keep the chance of an elevated thunderstorms in the higher terrain. look at that fog tomorrow morning. it will be in the north bay and skill in backed by 9:00 a.m. on the coast line is we're will stay throughout the afternoon tomorrow. we have not seen in the sun along the coastline for the past several days. it will be pretty comfortable down in the south bay, 83 in san jose, a little warmer down in gilroy. tomorrow we will
8:38 pm
be in the mid to upper 80s for the inland valleys. temperatures will be in the '70s and '80s for the north bay i will have the extended forecast coming up. >> transit fares are going up, starting on monday, the 31 day pass will go from $132.50 to $151.50. for the use, the fare increaseincreasesf you personally local monthly pass, you will not be affected. now chevron is seeing massive increases, they earned $7.7 billion profit in the second quarter of this year alone, up 43% from last year. overall revenue topped $66.6 billion this quarter some wonder why chevron does not pay more in taxes it pays more than most large companies it pays a 40% tax rate on the u.s.
8:39 pm
earnings to compare, gomes that pays 35.2% and wal-mart case fewer as well as intel. but people are not happy seeing the massive profits when they're paying so much at the pumps. we take a look at the recent rise in prices at the gas pump. >> gas prices all the rise again. >> it is like we are forced to change our lifestyle because of the higher prices of gas. >> the price to phillip had been on the decline for six weeks, but this streak was broken as the energy department reports an increase of nearly 25 per gallon for california within the last week. >> it is painful for us people that have to work for a living and phillip their cars, and pay the gas prices is rough. >> on average drivers are paying $3.81 for regular to out the state and aaa says that in san francisco it is
8:40 pm
$3.90 per gallon to keep the car on the road. >> i the we are a little stuck because we have to use it, we can i hitchhiked to work, we have to use gas. and that put them in a pretty powerful position. >> me while the oil prices are boosting profit four industry giants like chevron. >> because they are taking money from our pockets, that is the truth. >> coming up, the castro valley office of this seems the his the highway in search of the truckdrivers behaving badly after the break. auce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®.
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>> take it to this big rig on highway 580. the driver is doing something that caught the eye of the chp. i am writing with officer bowers of the california highway patrol, if you notice he is in a fast lane.
8:43 pm
her, this is not allowed for truck drivers, there is this a sign that tells them to use all lanes, except the left one. the same goes for this truck, the driver is in a lane of traffic that trucks are not permitted in, the driver like many others stopped have to have a conversation with the officer. kroger on most freeways, her big rigs or anyone towing a vehicle have to stand a far right lanes unless otherwise posted even if you are toeing a jet ski, or a camper. the driver pulled off the freeway so that the officer can discuss with him the rules of the road. >> unlike truckdrivers, this driver may get to go to
8:44 pm
traffic school if he wants the violation of his record. violations for commercial drivers stayed on the record for seven years even if your drive the a personal vehicle. and they do not get to go to traffic school. the chp is out to make sure that truckdrivers slowdown in san the correct names. for the record, every driver in this statement was issued a ticket for driving in the restricted lane of traffic. it >> if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at people behaving badly at
8:45 pm
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plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. it >> after extended negotiations, groupon deals will now finally appear when you check on four square. four square curley has 10 million users to check into restaurants, bars and shops in order to win badges and become the virtual mirror of their favorite spots. and other partnership that will help save you money delta airlines to signed a deal which living social. the arrangement means that
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customers that booked a flight and visit my trips will be offered specific deals. if you book a trip to l.a. would likely receive travel deals and things in that city. apple now has more cash on hand than uncle sam. the treasury just said they have $74 billion stashed away what apple said it has about $76 billion just lying around, the stock recently surged past $400 and the total market capitalization is more than $363 billion making it the second-largest and company in the world behind exxon mobile. >> it was a pretty nice day are around the bay area of a cooler on the coastline but 80 degrees in san jose 90 antioch, cooler and concord in livermore. we will see similar weather out
8:49 pm
there but 74 in now and you also in sunnyvale, 85 los gatos it will be 90 in gilroy. mainly in the '80s for the inland valleys but 85 in livermore '70s for the most part these bayshore, '69 elevated, 69 berkeley 67 san francisco, 60 for the coastline fog expected to stick around to the afternoon tomorrow along the coastline. 79 and sonoma and a quick look at the seven they're around the day forecast. the big story is the chance of dry lightning in the south bay hills on sunday and possibly even monday. it will warm up tuesday and wednesday the cool down towards the end of the week. >> is that time of year again, the garlic festival started today. we shall all of the festival and what it has to offer. >> they are called the pyro chefs, they were cranking up palomar by the pound. the
8:50 pm
high he is necessary to make it palomar a nice and crispy. that is not all they have to offer, the garlic bread, garlic mushroom, garlic fries, and garlic ice cream. thousands were out enjoying themselves and eating and eating. it is a celebration of everything garlic. it is a good time for everyone. but he is not the only thing to do at this festival. at rock climbing stands at the middle of the park. professional chefs or holding class is teaching the crowd how to make the delicious food that they have been testing all day. vendors of all sorts of were on display. >> vern is up next with the first practice with the 49ers head coach. the giants marathon match up with the reds goes deep into the nights. we have the
8:51 pm
highlight coming up next. >ú
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
>> check out the beginning of the 49er coach on the field. you know he has been waiting for this, first ever practice happened about 2:30 p.m. he is jumping all of the place, quarterback alex smith did not participate, he was there, a new labor deal prevents him from practicing before next thursday but the question, is this the year for alex smith? shunting spencer has
8:54 pm
his back. >> i think of that balance has had a lot of negative publicity it seems that he coached respect each other very well coached played the game, he understands the position and he understands what alex is going through. >> the other big news, or free agent the former raider is now really a former raiders signed the philadelphia eagles on a five-year $60 million deal, $25 million guaranteed up from. just three interceptions of the last four years because they do not throw his weight. he is in the secondary back there with a saute samuel. there really wrapping up the defense. the me give you an update tonight from the coliseum. right now they are leading five to two with a little work to do. the
8:55 pm
giants and the reds, extra innings tonight. the kid is doing ok. we cut to the eighth, eli whiteside. they will waive him in, here is the play it is up and safe to tie the game up at 3. this one went to 13 innings. first of all, and eight gunning him down at the plate. the perfect strike that kept the game tied at 3. that there is hector against brian wilson. now that is how the reds win it in 13 innings, four to three.
8:56 pm
>> up a real treat earlier this evening, jerry paid us a--jared paid us a visit. he lost 245 lbs. with exercise and eating nothing the subway's sandwiches, his commercials have doubled the company's revenues over $8 billion. >> i say only america, we live in a crazy country where you never know, you work hard obviously and 22 to 45 lbs. and that when you just eat low-fat subway's sandwiches every day and walking every day, you know i did for the right reasons, to lose the weight to become healthy, i did it for myself to have the store to become known nationwide and to have that commercial, like 80 plus commercials in the last 12 years it has been crazy. >> if he can lose 245
8:57 pm
lbs., can i lose 30 lbs., 35 lbs.? [laughter] the >> see you at 11:00 p.m..
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